autism diagnostic interview

Getting hold of the 3di

An installer for the 3di software comes as part of a two day training programme. The courses have been delivered both in person and online.

The course includes:

  • The 3di's dimensional approach to measuring the severity of autistic symptomatology.
  • Step-by-step tuition in the use of the interview software.
  • Simulation of the clinical use of the 3di by role-playing and the rating of videoed interviews.
  • DSM-5 and ICD-11: the 3di's effective implementation.
  • Reference material on the integration of the 3di with observational assessments of the child (eg ADOS).

The course fee includes:

  • The two-day training course.
  • An installer for the 3di system and a single-user licence to unlimited use at no cost.
  • A year's comprehensive telephone and email support.
  • A year's entitlement to developments of the 3di system.

Regional courses

Where 10 or more professionals in a region are jointly interested in training to use the 3di we may be able to offer a local face-to-face event. However you would need to cover the trainer's (economical) travel and accommodation. Regional courses have proved to be a very good framework for bringing together the many different professions involved with ASD children - both in places where those professions already work closely and in places where greater coordination is an aspiration.

A commissioned face-to-face course delivers the same two-day training programme, software licences, and post-course support as the original London courses.

To explore the idea please contact Richard as detailed below.

Courses suspended

As of late 2023, 3di training courses are suspended. We are working on developing an alternative solution to training users in use of the software. Please feel free to contact us below and we will be in touch about future plans.

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